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The New Zealand working holiday visa scheme gives you the opportunity to travel around New Zealand and obtain casual employment to help finance your holiday.
New Zealand working holiday visas allows you to stay for either twelve months or up to twenty three months if you have a British passport. However, you may only work for a total of twelve months, regardless of which length of New Zealand working holiday visa you choose. Your visa will automatically be granted for 12 months, if you wish to increase this you will be required to undergo medical checks, this will be at an additional charge. You may also so study or train for up to three months when entering under New Zealand  working holiday visas.

New Zealand visas have a dedicated team who specialise in arranging New Zealand working holiday visas. We can arrange all aspects of the paperwork, and liaise directly with the New Zealand Government on your behalf. The application process for a New Zealand working holiday visa generally takes around 4 days. However in some circumstances it may take a little longer than this. Once your New Zealand working holiday visa has been issued you will have a year to enter New Zealand. Your visa becomes activated upon entering New Zealand. It is possible to leave and re-enter New Zealand multiple times, until your visa has expired.


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